High End Setup (mine) $$$$

High End Setup (mine) $$$$
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Not the best for color rendition but it is very small & lightweight with excellent autofocus.
f2.8 gives me nice balance between bokeh, sharpness, and how much of my face is in focus. Using a Sony-made lens gives you ultra fast and accurate autofocus
This device allows me to receive HDMI output from any high-end camera setup and receive it in my computer as if it were a webcam.
This recorder can also be used to color grade video using a "LUT" straight out of a camera but before it reaches the capture card.
This lets me receive and process XLR microphones into my computer and control how it is mixed and processed.
This is 1000% overkill but wow does it sound amazing for indoor audio.
Prevents "pop" or plosive vocal sounds from reaching the microphone
High quality, sound isolating earbud headphones that blend in subtlely.
This lets me remotely control zoom and manual focus on my lens. Overkill...
Tilta Nucleus-Nano ($229) (much weaker, only one motor)
One I'm using is no longer sold/manufactured unfortunately.
This allows my viewers to get the impression that I am looking them in the eyes.